Creating a small business website utilising PHP and JQuery


Caltech wanted their site to be responsive and be able to represent them well in comparison to local competitors. They also wanted key features including an image carousel on the front page, and contact form.

The site makes use of PHP includes for elements such as the header and footer of the page. This makes site maintenance much easier and ensures that these elements are consistent across all pages. This also means that tags which need to be dynamic like the meta description had to be set as a PHP variables above the include tag.

Caltech Air Conditioning

Although there are a number of plugins available for image carousels, I decide that creating an image loop from JQuery would be a simple and light weight option which ended up coming in at 1kb of code.

On go live for this website a change of name server was required. Conventional wisdom dictates that after a dns change you should wait 24-48 hours for caches to be updated. On this occasion it actually took in the region of 60 hours.