About Me


Hi! I can play the Star Wars theme tune on harmonica, but more importantly I really enjoy working with web technology to create smooth and effective designs and applications.

What I love most about web technology is the only real limitation is your imagination.


After a lifetime of interest in the internet my career as a web developer finally began to gain momentum in 2013 when I designed a responsive website for the first time.

Since then I have created websites for small business, and operate in a full time capacity maintaining the websites of larger companies such as SJP Law and most recently River Island.

Head over to the Work page for examples of my projects.


Member of TeamTreeHouse Since October 2015. My profile can be found HERE. I use that community to boost my skills in a variety of subjects including HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, SEO and photoshop.

My current focus is on developing frontend features using Javascript, however I do not shy away from using any other technologies to achieve my goals.